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Frequently asked Questions

There are multiple parts of the answer of this very common question.

1- Understanding Normal development - As per experts, about 30% of children have developmental problems who otherwise have no high-risk factors. These problems may go undetected prior to school entry. Therefore, many children who may benefit from the opportunity of early intervention are missed. One of the main reasons is parents' lack of understanding of how deeply babies and toddlers are affected by their earliest experiences. Neev provides the process of ongoing observing and can be used to determine if your child is developing normally.

2- How will Neev assist you - Neev is a tool for understanding and supporting the development of each child. Children’s development follows an orderly and predictable pattern. As children develop their behaviour changes – just as their bodies change. The challenge for you is to recognise and adapt to these changes. Knowledge of these predictable changes can give you great confidence & pleasure as well as help you prepare for the changing behaviours that accompany development.

3- Neev is not for fast development - Although there is always excitement in a fast developing child, the aim is not to speed up your child's development. Reaching a milestone isn’t just about ability to do things. Your child needs to do it right also.

Even though, each child is unique and will respond differently to developments, and relationships between each parent and child are also unique but your parents can still be a great source of knowledge for you.

Over the past 10 years, researchers have gained remarkable insight into how and what infants can understand about the minds of others and their early social cognition. A new understanding of how much infants are taking in and processing about others raises questions about how adults influence children’s psychological development. If you can better understand the many ways your very young child strives to engage and understand others, you are better equipped to respond in ways that nurture and support your child's emerging skills. Spark actions are guidelines and strageies for you to use, while engaging with your child.

On the other note, what happened in parents’ own childhoods is often carried through into their own families. Sometimes this is fine. But sometimes negative or destructive examples of parenting may also get carried through.

Babycenter and few others are remarkable support tools for parents. They have well-reaseached information on most of the topics.

Our approach is to make you more immersed and proactive about your child's development, while having a high confidence level and continue having the fun of parenting. Neev makes relevant info available to you, when probably you don't know, that you need to know it, at that stage. It is personalized and with the adjustments, if your child was born pre-matured. We can only say, have a look and decide yourself...

You are indeed lucky to have such a paediatrician. Repeating ourselves, that Neev is in addition to what all resources you have to provide knowledge to you. You can build all conversations and clarifications on the basis of Neev.

Yes, that's something you'll have to do. Take the test (if not already) if you are ready for Neev. Although we are confident that once you get a hang of it, your need to search for relevant information may go down considerably and it may save some of your time eventually.

Neev is the foundation of child's development and it is available to all parents who are ready for it. The only thing we ask for, is to use Neev and if you like it, share with two of your friends, who need it.

We at Kidgaze are working on a bigger mission, "To make every parent have a happy & healthy kid". At this stage we need parents to believe in our mission and get associated with us in this journey.

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